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Crop 01 Linkedin foto 258x300 - About meBioMed Visuals is my company name, but I am of course also just a person. Namely: Dagmar Bouwer, Master of Biomedical Sciences, graduated from Leiden University in 2017.

My Development

Drawing has been a hobby of mine since I was young and human biology was my greatest interest. I always wanted to know how the body worked and I’ve made it my job to figure that out. Biology classes in high school were unable to answer the question, but the study Biomedical Sciences came closer. During this study I learned the basics of human biology: biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, molecular biology … a bit of everything. Academic skills were also taught: how to design an experiment, how to judge the validity of a scientific publication, how to take theory into practice. This knowledge and these skills are excellent for research, but I have gone into a different direction.

The Start of BioMed Visuals

It was quickly apparent that research would not be the best career for me. Granted, you learn a lot and are close to experts in the field. But your own field is minuscule. Every researcher only studies 1 facet of the human body. Since I want to know everything about the body, this was not the best direction for me.
I can’t know literally everything, of course, but I can globally know about everything; a bit of every aspect. That’s also how the body itself functions: as a whole, not as separate organs and cells. I started reading about nutrition and a science-based approach to diet in my spare time. This brought me to the biohacking movement, a collection of individual enthusiasts that experiment with their own biology to improve their mental and physical performance or to extend their lifespan. The ultimate application of human biology! After all, what use is all this knowledge if you cannot apply it or (worse still) if no one knows about it!
I desire to share all this useful knowledge, but have realized that human biology is really complicated for the average person to grasp right away. So I have set myself the challenge to make human biology understandable for everyone, so that everyone can make the best decisions about their health. For this purpose, visual representations work best in my experience. I work with illustrations supported by text for now, but eventually I want to make animations.

Who Could Benefit From BioMed Visuals?

I can’t just work for myself, but luckily there are others that like to have nice and functional figures to communicate biological concepts. A new nutritional theory, a carefully crafted supplement for enhanced performance, a nice summary of the study you’ve just conducted. I can be of service to any and all people, researchers and businessmen alike, who have a new vision of human health!
Of course, I still have my own project of exploring the entire human body. I work step by baby step towards this goals in my biology blog (in my spare time, so please have patience 😉 ). Here I explain in the simplest possible terms how the body functions. A challenge for me and a source of knowledge for you!

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