BB007 – Fat digestion Basics

Schematisch overzicht macronutrienten
This is part three of the miniseries about macronutrient uptake. This time, I will discuss the break-down and uptake of fats. This blogpost will be longer than the previous ones, because fat absorption is far more complex that absorption of carbs and proteins. I made more figures to compensate for this and tried to cover all the critical concepts as best I could. Like last time, this information can be found in the book ‘Medical Physiology’ by Boron & Boulpaep, 2nd edition. My goal in this post was to let the figures speak for themselves and add as little extra text as possible. I hope you will let me know if I succeeded :). The text in the blog will not always be needed to understand the figures, but is mainly some extra information for those interested in it.
Take note: It will be useful for your understanding to have read the previous post on protein and carbohydrate digestion and uptake, since I will be using the same method of depicting things like salt ions and enzymes.
BP%2B007%2B %2B015  1%2B %2BLegenda%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 00%2B %2BIntro%2Bto%2Bfats%2BEN 00%2B %2BIntro%2Bto%2Bfats%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 01%2B %2BMechanical%2BEmulsification%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 02%2B %2BTAG%2Bstabil.%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 03%2B %2BTAG%2Bdigestion%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 04%2B %2BTAG%2Bdroplet%2Bevol.%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 05%2B %2BFat%2Babsorption%2B1%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics
BP%2B007%2B %2B015 06%2B %2BFat%2Babsorption%2B2%2BEN - BB007 - Fat digestion Basics

And that’s all I can reasonably explain about the basics of fat digestion and absorption while still keeping it basic. With that, I have covered the absorption of all 3 macronutrients (the basics of it, at least)! YESSS! The next blogpost will be: MORE BASICS, because I like to know that stuff. After all, you are probably dying to know what happens after the macros have been absorbed. That’s when the real fun starts (and things get complicated … mostly complicated, so extra fun! (for me, maybe not for you (to bad ;-p)))!

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  • 8 September 2019 at 18:40

    Thanks for these graphics and the knowledge. Much easier to comprehend with visualization.


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