Welcome to BioMed Visuals!


Freelance Biomedical Illustrations

BioMed Visuals is a freelance biomedical illustration company that I (Dagmar) started this year (2017). If you are looking for useful figures of biological processes, you are in the right place! All figures are handmade with a specific goal and audience in mind. Biology can be difficult to understand and without proper understanding, it’s hard correctly depict any biological process. With a master in Biomedical Sciences and a deep personal interest in human biology, it’s easy for me to understand even the most in-depth processes and to visualize the most important message.

To clarify my thought process in creating illustrations, I will start a series of articles highlighting the creation of several of my newest works. This will allow you to follow my design process and see whether it fits the figures you had in mind for yourself.

Previous works and experience

Are you looking for nice figures for a presentation, book or article? You are not the first! My portfolio contains a selection of works made for myself and others. You’ll see that I don’t restrict myself to just 1 style or topic!

For more of my work, have a look at my biology blog, where I explain the complete human biology from start to finish. This is, of course, a massive project and I have only just started.


Don’t hesitate to contact me! I am always interested in new collaborations, questions, remarks and comments about my work :-).