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Tekengebied 1@2x - Client: LiveHelfi

LiveHelfi is a Dutch webshop specialised in performance-enhancing supplements and food products. They stock brands like Bulletproof, Natural Stacks, LifeExtension, and Four Sigmatic, but also products from smaller, high-quality European producers.

LiveHelfi was founded to help people perform at their best all the time. To work towards this goal, LiveHelfi provides a lot of information on nutrition, exercise, supplements, and other techniques that improve energy and vitality.


  • Contributed to the Ketogenic Diet Online Course of Eduard de Wilde (LiveHelfi’s founder). Writing samples are available on request. Sample illustrations shown below.


  • The complete list of all blogposts made for LiveHelfi (NL / EN)


  • Ebook about concentration, available for free at (NL / EN)
  • Blogpost about concentration: How to improve concentration (NL / EN)
  • Blogpost about Bulletproof coffee: How Bulletproof coffee works (NL / EN) and how you can improve it (NL / EN)
  • Blogpost about Restore: Bacterial communication networks and Restore (EN).

Here are some highlighted illustrations made for LiveHelfi.

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